Tala A. Fakhro

February 26, 2017

Ms. Tala Fahkro is currently the Director of Market Strategy and Intelligence at Economic Development Board (EDB) in Bahrain, Vice Chairman of Gulf Diabetes Specialist Center and BSC (c).Board Member of Bahrain Development Bank.

She has extensive experience of 13 years of structuring and portfolio management at Morgan Stanley in London, Gulf International Bank, the Saudi National Commercial Bank and NCB Capital in Bahrain.

Ms. Fahkro is a well-rounded professional with multiple skill sets not only in banking, but as well exhibits comprehensive knowledge of how government works, legal and structural aspects of private equity transactions, private equity and mutual fund structures, hedge funds, credit derivatives, structured finance and alternative investment products.

Ms. Fahkro graduated a dean’s lister from Smith College, Northampton in Massachusetts, U.S.A with a Bachelors of Art degree in Economics. She also holds a Juris Doctor Degree (J.D.) from the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington D.C.