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Overcoming Barriers to Activity

12 January 2016

A barrier is something that keeps you from doing something else. If you’re not active, it’s likely that you have at least one barrier or reason why. Perhaps you’ve never been very active. Maybe you’re afraid that your blood glucose level will drop. Think about what is keeping you from being active and then check […]


ساندويتش الخضروات

13 July 2015

ادخل بعض الإثارة في حياتك كل برغر دجاج الرومي الحار مطلي بروب الكيجن. هذا الطبق هو خيار ممتاز كجزء من وجبة الغداء أو العشاء وانه من المؤكد أن ترضي ذوقك!